Dark Circles Signs and Symptoms

Dark circles under eyes are the real nuisance and you may get rid of them pretty easily if you act wisely and with the full use of your common sense. You may take resort to various ways of removing them and the best possible ways include the following:

Dark Circles Signs and Symptoms

Dark Circles Signs and Symptoms


You must first of all understand the causes of dark circles. This is the basic step as without finding cause, you will not be able to resolve the issue so root cause of the problem must be found.  The causes of this dark circles under eyes problem may be many and some of them are given below:


The treatment for dark circles or puffiness may related to your genetic formation so such a problem may not be cured easily as it would require the services of a team of doctors to inspect your body and find the cure.

Nasal congestion

Remove dark circles around eyes; they may be due to the nasal congestion. You should take recourse to medicines to cure it. If this problem is cured, everything will be ok without any tension and you will get normal colored skin under the eyes.

Vitamin deficiency

Vitamins play a vital role in the nourishment of skin and you must pay special heed to vitamin intake. This intake is possible through various pills and syrups that are available in the market and may be taken at the advice of the some doctors.


Another reason of your back colored skin under eyes may be allergies; your skin may be allergic to some season, food, scent or anything like that. You have to take steps to find out the reason and then it will be quite easier to remove the dark spots after knowing their reason.

Broken vessels

Broken capillaries and blood vessels may also be the reason of these dark spots. The blood vessels may break due to some shock, punch at the eye area, and so on. Bad circulation may cause some fluids to accumulate under your eyes.


If you come to know about the problems associated with the black circles, the remedy search will be easier. You may take following measures to cure the things:

Allergy medicines

Allergy related medicines are available in the market and you have to consult an authentic doctor before using them.

Lesser use of sea salt

Sea salt is some times more hazardous for skin; you may lessen its use so that to cure the dark circles around your skin.

Vitamins, magnesium and cilium are available in the form of pills and syrups. You may get them at the advice of the doctor so that they may make your skin healthier.

No smoking at least during night

Late night smoking is also a reason for your developing dark circles around your eyes; you must quit this habit of yours as soon as possible. The use of eye creams for dark circles is also beneficial.

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