Dark circles –what all you know about them?

Generally a misconception is developed among the people that under eye dark circles appear because of anxiety; continuously watching television, completing your project works on your PC or laptop till late at night. Some people also blame their behavior for getting dark circles. In short, it is clear that these circles come out absolutely due to your own mistake.

What you know about dark circles

What you know about dark circles

But, it is just a misconception which is spread among the people; the truth is that the leakage of capillaries is the reason of the existence of dark circles under eyes. Oxidizing Hemoglobin is the actual term used for them. The formation of these under eye dark circles starts in capillaries which are small vessels through which red blood cells pass. As these blood cells are getting through the small vessels, the leakage of capillaries occurs. These escaped blood cells wander into the surrounding skin. As blood circulates in the entire body all the time, there are more chances of the occurrence of these colored circles. Human body has the better mechanism to break the red blood cells and their hemoglobin into the small pieces with the help of enzymes. When hemoglobin is broken into pieces, the remaining elements show a dark black or blue color around your skin.

Some people raise the question that why under eye dark circles look like bruises. The answer is that when someone hits your body with force, some blood vessels are damaged or broken and the blood leaks from those vessels. As your body has the mop-up mechanism so after sometime, the affected area of your body exhibits different colors like dark black or purple.

Most of the people have translucent skin. Due to excessive capillaries near eyes’ skin exhibits more visible discoloration. This is the reason behind the visibility of these circles at the skin surrounding the eyes.

You can protect yourself from these circles by using home remedies, experiencing cosmetics solutions; surgery may also play a role in dark circles treatment.

When you are affected with the situation of having black circles around your eyes, you should immediately contact your family doctor. According to the sensitivity of your skin, he would surely help you in better way by giving some suggestions. These suggestions may be:

You should use eye creams for under eye dark skin treatment.

You should pass through the painful surgery.

You should prefer the home remedies.


Eye creams may either help your skin to get rid of the black circles or they may not be able to give you any advantage.

In case of surgery, it would be painful for you. It would cause different problems for you like bleeding or blistering.

Home remedies are the best ones among all of the above. You may get under eye circles cure by adopting the following steps:

Eat fresh vegetables and fruits, drink excess of water, relax yourself, remove stress, take proper sleep and remove your vitamin deficiency by taking supplements.

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