Dark Eye Circles – Causes & Cures

Curing dark circles under the eyes is not difficult normally and the object may be achieved easily if we act on the advice of our elders who are quite experienced in explaining the root causes of these circles as well curing them.

Dark Eye Circles - Causes & Cures

Dark Eye Circles - Causes & Cures


Causes of dark circles are many and some of them may be termed as follows:

  1. If some one has hit us near the eyes, the blood vessels there might have been damaged; the ultimate result is the leakage of blood there and the formation of black circles.
  2. If we have been awaking due to our exams, job requirements, or disease, we are sure to get these dark circles under eyes.
  3. Some blood infection because of the accumulation of some material there may be the cause.
  4. Puffiness may also appear due to some infection.
  5. Hereditary influence may also be there for the formation of dark circles under eyes.
  6. A diet without skin-care related nutrients may also be the reason.
  7. Excessive use of tobacco and alcohol, especially before sleeping.
  8. Crying for a long time; as the chemicals and salts in the tears may cause irritation and swelling.
  9. Less use of water.

After having discussed the causes, we move forward to talk about the eye creams for dark circles so that circles may be removed or cured and we continue to be looked as fresh as ever. Just like the causes, treatments are also many and we may select the one that best suits our purpose.

  1. The treatment for dark circles includes the use of skin-care related nutrients. We may eat such diets which are full of vitamins, minerals and fluids that are helpful in the nourishment of skin.
  2. Water plays an important role in the cure of these patches and we should drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.
  3. Use of potato juices and cucumber juices is also said to be useful for the skin under eyes. We may soak some cotton cloth in this juice so that to put it at the required place for some time; say 10-15 minutes.
  4. Juices of fresh fruits or smoothies of juices or vegetables may be used for this purpose.
  5. Specially designed Face and eye creams for dark circles may also be applied at the affected areas.
  6. If sleeplessness is the reason then we may take recourse to more sleep and less stress. A sleep of 7-8 hours will surely suffice.

The ways of treatment for dark circles may be many but you must select only those which are suitable in the environment in which you live.

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