Effective Cure for Dark Circles Under and Around Eyes

As eyes are sensitive part of human skin, skin around them is also sensitive. Under eye dark circles become visible due to leakage of capillaries. This leakage leads the flow of blood in the surrounding skin. These under eye dark circles affect the physical attraction of your face and you look like an aged or tired person.

Effective cure for dark circles

Effective cure for dark circles

Treatment of Black Circles

You can either minimize the appearance of these circles or simply get rid of the circles which are under your eyes. You can get under eye circles cure by changing your life style, adopting natural treatment or by using cosmetic products.

First Step: Change Your Life Style

You should set your time limit for sleep and try to maintain this schedule for two weeks. Lack of rest or sleep leads your face color to become pale which causes the visible appearance of your these circles. Avoid different types of products like drugs and alcohol, because excessive use of these drugs directly affects your sleep. With the consultation of doctor, use prescribed vitamins for the assistance of your sleep. Stress also plays an important role in your sleeplessness. Try to minimize your stress at your sleeping time so that you may get more sleep.

Use fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet for the improvement of blood circulation. Lessen the usage of salt in your daily diet. This will reduce your puffiness.

If you are smoker, try to leave this habit because it creates blood vessel problems and makes your vessels visible or prominent.

Stress and anxiety are the problems which affect your sleep. You can get rid of these problems by relaxing yourself. By this exercise, you can get under eye circles cure.

Second Step:  Adopt Natural Treatment

For freshness or removal of puffiness of eyes, slices of cucumber have been used for a long time by the people. You just need to place the cucumber slices over your eyes: close your eyes for ten to fifteen minutes. You have to do it daily.

You can also get under eye dark skin treatment by using refrigerated tea bags over each eye. Place these tea bags over eyes for 15 minutes and after some days you will feel the difference.

You can also remove discoloration under your eyes by using freeze spoon and liquidized potato.

Third method of under eye dark skin treatment is through using cosmetics products.

In this method:

The appearance of these circles is also caused by the deficiency of vitamin K. You can reduce this deficiency by using any prescribed eye cream.

You should also try the skin patch examination for dark circles treatment.

Concealer can also be used for the treatment of this skin problem.


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