How to remove dark circles under eyes?

Eyes are the very part of body whose beauty may lead one to be liked and loved by another person. This is the most delicate part of the body; the same way the periorbital area is also the most delicate part of skin. The skin around eyes is the thinnest one in the whole body; skin on other parts has 2 mm width while in this area 0.5 mm. How to remove dark circles around eyes in such a situation is a hot question.

Remove dark circles around eyes

Remove dark circles around eyes

Before going for the treatment, you must get an understanding about the causes of these circles. When you have understood the causes, the remedy and treatment will be much easier. The causes may include oversleeping, fluid retention in the subcutaneous tissues, low-nutrition diet, allergy, disease, aging, and so on.

The question still stands at its place as how to remove dark circles around eyes. The ways to remove the circles are many and some of them are described below:

Home Treatment

You may make use of common things found at home; the familiar things include potato slices, cucumber slices, used but refrigerated teabags, cloth dipped in cold water, and so on. You may apply the slices or the teabags at the periorbital area and, in this way; you may remove dark circles around eyes without any problem. But if the dark circles still persist, you must consult the doctor.

Medicines and Surgery

If you feel that the black circles from around your eyes are not diminishing even after using all of your home-made ways, you should contact a skin specialist or a cosmetic surgeon for the resolution of the problem. Various multi vitamin medicines in the form of pills and injections are available in the market and these medicines are an easy way to provide nutrients and the vitamins that directly hit the affected area and its problems. So, if the problem with your eyes is not a chronic one, you are sure to get relief around your eyes and may not have to go for a surgery.


Various creams are also available that must be applied to the affected area around the eyes. You may apply eye creams for dark circles at the affected place with the advice of a well-practiced doctor. The application will surely relieve you and you will see the difference.

Diet with Nutrients

Last but not least, diets have their own importance. The reason of dark circles, in most of the cases, is the deficiency of nutrients and the only natural way of getting them cured is through the use of foods and fresh vegetables that are full of nutrients.

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